How much does professional wildlife removal typically cost?

Clearing a few annoying attic squirrels or opossums from under the deck may seem easy, but it can get complicated quickly. In fact, some professionals use baby squirrels as bait to lure a female into a trap cage, but for most people it's easier to catch the female first and then examine the attic for offspring they can pull out at the same time. Service Area: While many wildlife extraction companies offer fixed rates for local jobs, services that are required outside your usual area or when traveling longer distances carry additional charges. However, removing a large colony of bats or squirrels from the attic takes up to a month to seal all entry points and control exclusion devices.

Bats are a protected species, so the only legal way to eliminate them is to seal access points and install a one-way window for voluntary exit. The costs of removing wild animals run the gamut and there is no fixed price for dealing with unwanted guests. Several service visits are necessary for a wildlife expert to deploy the traps and then remove and relocate them. Some animal species are federally protected because of their endangered status, so you can't call an exterminator to kill all types of wildlife.

You can also read my “do it yourself” guide to identify simple jobs, but I'll summarize much of that page by saying that wildlife control work isn't even remotely simple and requires special tools and licenses. Number of entry points: The more points of entry animals use to access your home, the higher the cost of moving. This applies to plumbers, electricians and more advanced specialties, such as the removal of annoying wild animals. The laws of many states protect these disease-carrying animals and require their removal in a professional and humane manner.

Interview at least three animal transfer services to make sure you choose the best service for your infestation. To catch live animals, relocate them, clean them and prevent them properly, it's best to hire an animal moving service close to where you live. The costs of moving animals will vary depending on how long the animals have lived in your home and the damage caused by the infestation. One of the most important steps to take once the squirrels are trapped and removed is to prevent more squirrels from entering, so thoroughly inspect the attic, both inside and around the outer roof line, and then seal all the holes they were using to get in and out.

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