How do you know if you have a wildlife infestation?

Crunchy noises coming from under your house or terrace. Unusual noises that tend to be louder at night or at dusk. While some wild animals seek shelter and food by making a nest in their home, others want to find a way to get out quickly. If you notice strange tracks in your yard or house, contact a wildlife pest control professional for help.

Varment Guard Wildlife Services offers residential and commercial wildlife pest control services in the Midwest and Middle East. If you notice a large amount of animal feces in your home or yard, call a wildlife pest control professional. Wildlife Management Services will send a trained professional to safely capture each bat and re-protect it against invasion in the future. Professionals can help with the removal and capture of wild animals, cleaning services, and wildlife repellent.

If you suspect a rodent or wildlife infestation, don't wait any longer to contact the professionals at Tony's Pest Control. Calling a Wildlife Management Services professional should be your number one priority, because the longer you let squirrels into your home, the larger the colony, which could lead to rodent droppings, broken wires, holes in the house and other problems. Animal infestation refers to the presence of pests or wildlife creatures in your home that have settled without your invitation. While the most effective way to control wildlife and rodents is to work to ensure that your home is securely sealed to prevent potential pests, there are some additional steps you can take to prevent wild animals from entering your home.

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